Form I-129F processing time

It is mandatory to file the I-129F form to permit your fiance to immigrate to the United States of America. The technical name of this Petition is Petition for Alien Fiance. Therefore, it is applicable only if you intend to marry such non-citizen within 90 days of the said arrival. However, the instructions of Form I-129F are highly crucial. You must not ignore or miss out on any point in this respect. Cancellation of the said Petition can create hassles for both you and your fiance.

What Happens After You Submit Form I-129F?

After filling up all the particulars in the given form, you need to submit it to the respective authorities in the prescribed format. However, the processing only starts only after getting approval from the higher department.

The department responsible for such approval is USCIS. It implies that USCIS has all the grounds to believe that the couple has a genuine intention to marry each other. The department will give consent to such marriage and send a notification to the Petitioner. Furthermore, it will also send the same to the respective department of NVC. The whole process will be complete only when NVC approves it. Thus, the processing time may need some time. Please wait for the completion of processing to validate the application for a K-1 visa. The whole processing time will take around six to eight months to complete. 

Process By Department of State (DOS)

It is a concern for all the petitioners that how much the processing of I-129F will take. However, there is no fixed stipulated time for it. It keeps on changing according to the changes in the requirements and procedures. As per the recent regulations of USCIS, you can expect an average of four to six weeks to process the petition after approval by the Department of State (DOS). 

Waiting For The Embassy’s Letter

Only approval of the I-129F Petition will not be enough to let your fiance enter the US for marriage purposes. To qualify for that, he needs to get the K-1 visa and comply with the related requirements. The last step in this regard appears for the interview. To complete that, your fiance needs to wait for the confirmation message from the department. This message will come in the form of a letter from the Consulate or Embassy. 

K-1 Visa Interview

The respective agency will take an additional time of six to eight weeks for this matter. Within this period, it will request an interview to the nearest Consulate or Embassy of the US. This step is highly crucial for the final entry permit to the immigrant.

Delay In Processing

The USCIS can take some extra time to process the Petition if there is a backlog. However, you need not be worried about that. In 2021, it happened to a lot of people due to the pandemic crisis. The number of applications was more in number while the offices of the concerned authorities lacked staff. Hence, the review time was more for such inadequacy in staff and excessive work pressure.

Such a situation can arise at any time for natural calamities or political disturbances also. But please be assured that the Government will make the situation simpler for you. Therefore, the delay is just a temporary phenomenon. Otherwise, you can expect it within a maximum period of ten months. In case of any queries, you can come down to the local office of USCIS or even call the executives.

Enter in the USA

After qualifying in the final interview for a K-1 visa, the foreign individual can enter the United States. 

Marriage Within 90 Days

Marrying within 90 days of entering the USA is mandatory. After this period, the visa will not be valid. However, after the wedding, the foreign individual can apply for Permanent Citizenship. 


  1. Can I visit the US while I-129F is pending?

Yes, you can, but not for marriage. I-129F is mandatory for marriage purposes. 

  1. How much does it cost to file I-129F?

Generally, the fee stipulated by the US Government is $535. But you can enjoy a waiver of the same if you apply for a K-3 visa also. 

  1. What should I submit with I-129f?

You need to submit 

  • Proof of permanent citizenship in the US
  • Proof that you have met your fiance at least 2 years preceding the current year
  • Proof of willingness to marry from both the petitioner and the immigrant
  • Age and birth proof
  1. Can I file form I-129F online?

Yes, it is possible now. 

  1. How much is for I-129F?

It is $535 without any added conditions. 

  1. Who fills out form I-129f?

The US-based petitioner, who intends to marry a foreigner, must fill out the form.

  1. How long does it take to approve I-129F?

It takes around 6-8 months in total to complete the processing. However, you can expect approval from the respective departments within 6 to 8 weeks.